Free Bitcoin - Satoshi Slots

Play the Satoshi Slots - the newest app from the leading Android Bitcoin company, ClaimBitcoinNetwork! With Bitcoin rising in price every day, why waste your own money buying Bitcoin, when you can get Bitcoin by playing our games ! Its the best, risk-free way to get started with Bitcoin! Play our slots game - where we offer you three different chances to take what you get when you spin. With maximum prizes around 10,000 Satoshi available during our CRAZY HOURS, you can easily earn enough to cash out in a few plays! To make referring your friends and colleagues worth your time, you can refer them with your special referrer code in your app and you'll also earn 5% of every payout they get! That's Satoshi for doing nothing but telling your mates to download our app! They'll also earn a cheeky bonus of up to 1,000 Satoshi as well! Free, Easy Bitcoin for you! Join the newest application from the long standing ClaimBitcoinNetwork - Satoshi Slots today, and your account from our other Applications - Claim Free Bitcoin & Wheel of Satoshi - will be merged, so you can earn by using all of our applications! It's Bitcoin earning, but at the speed of light! It really is that simple. And once you get to the thresholds for claiming, you can get your Bitcoin sent to you! We offer payments directly to Bitcoin Wallets (with ZERO fees )! We payout every Friday - just make sure you click that claim button to make sure we know to pay you out!! Notes:- The app uses the unit Satoshi, which is the smallest unit of Bitcoin.- If you get paid out via a Bitcoin Wallet directly, we charge a transaction fee.- If you tamper the app in any way, we reserve the right to terminate your account, and not pay any Bitcoins in your balance.- We reserve the right to terminate your account if you harass any of our support staff via the review system or via support.- We only allow 1 account per device.- At this time we do not support rooted devices. Feel free to use the application - but there might be instances of users triggering our fraud detection because of this. Just let us know if this happens, and our team will help!- Any violations in our Terms will result in termination of your account.The main rule of thumb is: Play fair, and earn big!
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