Bitcoin Cash Spinner New

Bitcoin Cash Spinner New gives you the opportunity to earn Bitcoin - and as the Bitcoin price increases greatly, day by day - it's a great and risk-free way to get started!Play Wheel of Satoshi - where we offer three different opportunities to take what you spin. With the maximum prize of about 1,000 Satoshi available during our CRAZY JAM, you can easily earn enough money in some games!To make reference to your friends and colleagues according to your time, you can refer them with your specific referrer code in your app and you will also earn 5% of each payment they get! It's Satoshi for not doing anything except telling your friends to download our app! They will also get a naughty bonus up to 1,000 Satoshi too! Free, Easy Bitcoin for You! Join the latest long-standing ClaimBitcoinNetwork app - Wheel of Satoshi today, and your account from our other App, Claim Free Bitcoin will be combined, so you can get it using two apps!It's really that simple. And once you get to the threshold to claim, you can get your Bitcoin shipped to you! We offer payment to XAPO (no fee ) and other Bitcoin Wallets! We pay every Friday - make sure you click the claim button to make sure we know to pay you !!Note:- This app uses Satoshi unit, which is the smallest unit of Bitcoin.- If you are paid via the Bitcoin Wallet directly, we charge a transaction fee.- If you damage the application in any way, we reserve the right to terminate your account, and not pay Bitcoin in your balance.- We reserve the right to terminate your account if you interfere with our support staff through the review system or through support.- We only allow 1 account per device.- Currently we do not support rooted devices. Feel free to use the app - but there may be instances of users that trigger our cheat detection because of this.- Any violations in our Terms will result in termination of your account.The main rules are: Play fair, and earn a great income!
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