MileGo - Mileage Tracker, Expense Tracking & Log

Save thousands of dollars every year by tracking your driving mileage! MileGo is the best mileage tracker and mile log app to help you save money. MileGo is the best app to help you easily and accurately track how many miles you have traveled!Each mile you drive for work or business is worth 53.5 cents in standard mileage tax deductions or expense reimbursements.If you drive 1,000 miles for work, you can claim a mileage deduction of $535 (1,000 x 53.5 cents). If you drive, 10,000 miles, you can claim $5,350 in mileage deductions.MileGo records and keeps track of miles travelled for business purposes, such as distance travelled to visit clients or attend business meetings, and can even be used for personal mile logs. At the start of each ride, simply select the type of trip you're making, business or personal, and then hit the road. Let MileGo take care of the rest! Monthly reports will be available for download on the MileGo website, perfect for easy analysis and audit support.Business Mileage Tracker, Enjoy More Things in Life ! MileGo Key Features:- Automatically track & notification every trip - Sort by different ride purpose/users could customize - Show date/location for each ride - Store your monthly ride history - Export email in easy summaries - Capture rides in miles or kilometers - Available in English and Chinese 40 Free Drives Every Month Upgrade to unlimited drives for $5.99/month recurring or $59.99/year recurring.Learn more - Help Center: - Website: - Terms of Service: Privacy & Cookies: ConsumptionContinued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. MileGo has been designed to limit iOS GPS usage and as a result uses a nominal amount of battery power. Recommend charging the device while driving to extend battery power and low power mode.
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