1 Minute SaveMoney Calculator: Save Money Fast

IntroIn just 1 minute SaveMoney will show you potential savings by slightly altering your existing spend.It's a fast and extremely efficient way to take a simple regular expense and see what impact you can make by buying it cheaper or buying it less.ExamplesCoffee ShopAssume when travelling to work you buy a coffee every day (5 days) from a coffee shop at $4. So you enter this in SaveMoney in the Current Purchase section.In the New Prediction section you could enter a lower price ($2.50 because you might get a small coffee instead of a large).SaveMoney shows in seconds that this one simple change would save $1,950 in 5 years!What if we purchased our own coffee jar at $10 per month? In just one year it would save $840.Smoke?Let's assume we spend $20 per week, but we are thinking about quitting.SaveMoney tells us we would save an astonishing $1,040 a year, $5,200 in 5 years!It doesn't matter what the expense is - takeaways, perfume, clothes, games, drink, petrol, gas, electricity, sport, betting.... you can take any expense and, simply by adjusting by a small or large amount, see the impact.Many users of SaveMoney and made small changes which have saved enough money for a family holiday or towards a new car.SaveMoney is the 1 minute way to find savings from your every day life."Estimate To Accumulate".
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