Tripdots for Driver Partners automatically delivers Automated Mileage Reports to your email, to optimize your Tax Deductions worth thousands of dollars in tax savings. No GPS use or battery drain, no app to run in the background. Tripdots for Driver Partners was developed with driver feedback to make your Driver Partner business more profitable. Integrated directly with Uber to view and receive your Uber Driver Partner Mileage Tax Deductions daily, weekly or monthly- No GPS use & No GPS Battery drain- No App to Start or run in background- Simple to Sign-Up and Sign-In- Reports are automatically delivered to your email- FREE to sign-up, view your Uber Driver Partner mileage deductions- View your and send email reports for your Mileage Deduction Value for any day, week, month or year- Select your automatic email reporting options for on-demand, daily, weekly or monthly- Vehicle (s) Profiles are also included for compliant reporting- Optimized for Samsung S8 DeX for desktop experience and productivity.
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