Buying a home is the single largest purchase made by the average person during his lifetime. However little planning is done prior selecting a mortgage term. RightTerm shows you what would happen to you if you had purchased your home in 1980 by calculating the interest paid for each selected term. Discover what happen to those who selected the 5-year term. Discover how much they overpaid in interest compared to other terms. You will understand quickly how these homeowners have to settle with a retirement shortfall of hundreds of thousandsof dollars. RighTerm demonstrates how enormous is the financial danger of selecting the wrong mortgage term by using historical rates (1980). But it does a lot more. It can help you with the future. RighTerm can help you compare the future interest cost between different mortgage terms over an amortization period of up to 30 years. RighTerm does this by creating random interest rates using a mathematical algorithm that we created. Just enter the current mortgage rates for each term, interest margins between term and future rate trends and RighTerm will quickly generate a randomize series of rates allowing you to compare the interest cost between the different mortgage terms. RighTerm also allows you to capitalized the interest cost to see what would happen if this interest had been invested. This shows the true cost of the mortgage and you will find that while the interest cost of a mortgage term capitalized at 0% may look the best option this may change when this is capitalized at 5%.
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