Atlantida Connect Money Transfers

Send money from the US safely, fast, and easily to your loved ones abroad with the Atlantida Connect app. Choose between Cash pickup or Credit to a Bank Account reception options- Pay with your Bank account, Debit Card, or Credit Card- Login using Touch IDWith Atlantida Connect App you can: Send money internationally to Honduras- Review your transaction history- Add/edit your list of beneficiaries- Add/edit your sending methods. Use card scan to add credit and debit cards easily. Send recent transactions in just one step with the quick send option- Get a quick quote of your transfer to calculate the service fee and the amount your recipient will receive. Edit your profile details and view your daily sending limit- Check the daily exchange rateAtlantida Connect app is powered by UniTeller, a subsidiary of Grupo Financiero Banorte. Atlantida Connect app is developed and supported by Cognam Technologies (
Operating System Android