Kraken Ticker Bitcoin Litecoin

With Kraken Ticker you can check and monitoring price, order book, charts, Kraken Exchange of Bitcoin and Litecoin. The application has just been published, but we are working hard to include more features, such as volume chats, price alarms, depht charts etc.Bitcoin and Litecoin are criptocurrencies. You can get more information at: - Bitcoin - LitecoinA subscription to Kraken Ticker is available via Google Play. Get a subscription: No ads - Improved Price Chart - Unlimited number of orders in My Orders Section - Larger Orderbook - Price alarms - Depth Chart - Put and manage orders at Kraken Exchange (Bitcoin and Litecoin) - Of course, all the new features and improvements that we will add soonRemember that your subscription helps us to develop applications that can help you. Thanks.
Operating System Android