FaST Guide - A Powerful Online Faraid Distribution Guide. Revolutionary - only one of its kind in the world. Search: Al-Mawarith. Faraid. Faraidh. Inheritance. Mawarith. Mirath. Miraath. Muslim estate distribution. Wasiah. Wasiat. Wasiyah. At last, a quick reference tool that quickly tells you who gets what in a Muslim estate distribution. No more guesswork. No more complex calculations. No more tables to look up. Developed by as-Salihin Trustee Berhad, the FaST Guide Version 2. is designed for those who wish to work out the distribution of a Muslim estate to heirs based on Faraid rules. A handy calculator and guide on Muslim estate distribution. A powerful tool for those in financial planning. What you get: Fractions (and percentages) for distribution to heirsAmount for each heir based on value of an estateMillions of combinations allowing up to 15 persons for each class of siblings and issues. Pie chart for the resultWhy it is good for you: Easy to use - Inexpensive way to remove doubts and learn moreClear - Makes clear what is left to whom, so that corrective action and alternatives can be consideredImpressive - impress with fast and authoritative response to questions on Islamic estate planning.
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