Hi. Forget no more who owes you money with DebtLess, a smart and easy way to manage your debts with your friends and to create and manage common pots / kitty. DebtLess is a real-time online application, any update from one of your friends will appear on your app in no time. DebtLess would be an incredible companion app for your trips and journeys. Lots of features: Connection with Facebook: DebtLess allows you to connect to your Facebook account in order to get your profile picture and your friends without accessing any of your personal information. Debts with a friend: You can easily manage a debt with your friends and thus forget no more who has to pay your pizza's. Thanks to a smart confirmation system, be sure that your debts will stay consistent. Very efficient group feature: Going on a holiday has never been so easy with DebtLess. Indeed, you can create a group with all your friends, track all the expenses and at any moment you can see the smartest way to settle all these expenses thanks to a powerful resolution algorithm. Furthermore, a chat is integrated to facilitate the communication. Go forward and try it out, it is totally free.
Operating System Android