This is experimental software. This version provides integrity but may not yet assure confidentially or privacy. It is a Distributed Application for use on an Ethereum blockchain. Users are expected to be technically proficient and understand crypto currency and Ethereum. Just like you send messages and pictures Zonafide enables you to send someone an assurance that an Activity is genuinely being carried out by you. Maybe it is an instruction to your Solicitor to make a house payment, confirmation of a change of details with your bank or authority for workmen to access premises. When you, your family, friends and professionals use Zonafide together it becomes much easier to verify who you are and what you plan to do is genuine. Zonafide is the GrownApp for Grown Up things. Current Beta Version 0.2.9. Manually tested on Android 6.0. x Smartphones only. EULA: https://www.zonafide. net/eula.
Operating System Android