Bad Budget? is an offline financial tool that can help to organize, track, and plan a reasonable budget. Enter accounts, debts, recurring gains, losses, and budget items and predict what your finances will look like in the future using the prediction tool. Get an idea of whether your budget plan will leave you struggling to pay the bills or sitting on a pile of "uninvested" cash. Note that all predictions are only as accurate as the data entered and will depend on how well that data matches up with real life spending. Each account's value can be viewed using the prediction tool's "quicklook" calendar. This simple screen includes a calendar to easily select dates and show only the accounts you would like to see the value of. A more detailed list of all the transactions that have occurred (up to a year prior to the chosen date) can also be viewed for each account, using the detailed look feature of the prediction tool. Included in bad budget is also a simple budget tracker that allows you to add or subtract from budget categories that you have defined. These categories can reset automatically every day, week, month or year. Each addition or subtraction from a budget category is logged for later viewing. Create and copy several budgets with separate sets of accounts, debts, recurring gains, losses, and budget items that can be changed and used to predict independent of one another. This is a powerful way to see how small differences in how budgets are setup can impact your future finances. Bad Budget? does not transfer any financial information to any other device and is contained solely on the device on which it was entered. No connections are made to banks or other financial entities.
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