Get mobile access to Dealogic's trusted global financial markets platform for personalized, real-time primary market content. Whether you want to access a real-time deal calendar, view in-depth company/sponsor/investor/deal profiles, or collaborate more efficiently with your team, Dealogic provides everything you require to stay ahead of the competition. You can customize the app to receive alerts on market movers as well as reports and analysis from your team. With improved navigation, everything you want is easily found at your fingertips, and new features like "Favorite" means you can quickly find your top reports. FEATURES: DealCal: the most detailed look on the market at priced/expected/filed/revised/withdrawn deals, all included in one calendar. Compare to previous quarters or years, find by month or week. Study graphs showing various trends. New: "rumors" (potential deals) also highlighted. Clients: Dealogic pulls together the top 50 fee payers in one place: you can filter via your WatchList to monitor the companies you personally cover. MyCortex: Dealogic's market-leading data reports and analysis, all in your pocket. Read our insights or quarterly reviews, get reports from your team back in the office straight to your phone or iPad. Alerts: Dealogic will ensure even on your busiest days, you are completely up-to-date with customized email alerts. You can filter by bank, region, deal type or value, sponsor, industry, etc.Profiles: no matter where you are, instantly access comprehensive company/sponsor/investor/deal profiles. In one You'll be well informed before meeting a client, for example, or you can act quickly on deal data while on the road. Spotlight: on tablets only, review potential origination opportunities via Dealogic's predictive analytics and see "who else would? " given certain deal parameters. If you're a Dealogic client, download the app now to ensure you get everything you need and trust from Dealogic on your phone and tablet. Visit us at
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