Easy Cryptocurrency Ticker (Easy-CCT) helps you keep track of the current price for any cryptocurrency in the world. You can define multiple layouts with your favorite cryptocurrencies. Set alarms to notify you when the price is above or below a given value. For each cryptocurrency you can have as many alarms as you like. Define the interval for refresh when the app is running. You can also define the interval for the app of checking prices when it's not running. Set your favorite alarm sound. Set if it should vibrate when an alarm is triggered. Choose between 4 LED colors for Easy-CCT. Cryptocurrencies come and go, so the app can refresh the local database with the new cryptocurrencies and remove the ones that no longer exist. Usage: Define Layout: Define you favorite cryptos in one layout. Press save when done. Manage Layouts: Add/remove layouts. When selected as active in the top left dropdown you select Define Layout. Refreshcurrencies from the net: Download new crypto types and delete no longer existing ones. Reset database to default: Replaces your current database with the one that came with the app.
Operating System Android