Holiday Special. $1.99 for the app. CASHIN CREDIT REPAIR- DO IT YOURSELF is your FIRST EVER SMART PHONE APPLICATION that will HELP you dispute and explain to you how to fix your credit. Everything you need in one download. So the question is? Is your credit score keeping you from that dream house you want to buy? Is it keeping you from driving that new car you always wanted? What about high interest credit cards? High insurance policy's? Having bad credit will cost you thousands of dollars over your life. Cashin Credit Repair- Do it yourself is an exclusive app that will help you dispute negative items on your report with a push of the button. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE APP. EMAIL AND EDIT THE LETTERS FROM THE APPLICATION. APPLY FOR SECURED CREDIT CARDS TO BUILD YOUR CREDIT. 14 LETTERS ALREADY LOADED IN THE APP TO HELP YOU START YOUR DISPUTE. RECORDINGS YOU CAN FOLLOW AND LISTEN TO OVER AND OVER. INSTRUCTIONS HOW TO USE THE APP. CASHIN LETTER STORE WITH OVER 75 LETTERS TO CHOOSE FROM. CASHIN CREDIT REPAIR E-BOOK TO HELP YOU UNDERSTAND CREDIT. FACEBOOK AND TWITTER INTEGRATED WITHIN THE APP. CASHIN DISPUTE SUPPORT FOR ANYONE WHO HAS OUR APP. BUILT IN CALENDAR TO STAY UP TO DATE WITH DISPUTES. COLLECTION COMPANY, CREDITORS, AND BUREAU DISPUTE LETTERS. CREDIT MONITORING INFORMATION. TIPS AND RESULT SECTION WITH MORE WAYS TO DISPUTE. (IMPORTANT). BE SURE TO KEEP PUSH NOTIFICATIONS ON SO YOU CAN STAY UP TO DATE WITH NEW LETTERS BEING UPLOADED. So for $1.99 you can fix your credit and in return save THOUSANDS of dollars in your life. Sounds like a great investment. Let's just put it this way, your life will change with good credit and this app that your going to download WORKS. No if, and's, or buts. Were here to help you succeed. Figure we spend $5.00 on a game to play on our phones for entertainment. Take care of your financial future. Here's how we see it. Say you have a charge-off on your report that's reflecting $6, 500 owed and you use one of the letters in the app to get it removed. Was that worth $1.99? That's the reality of it. You will see results if you put the action behind what we teach you. Within the app you will be able to email yourself the letter and edit the letter with your information all from the application. Just print it off and mail it certified. There are recordings uploaded in the app which will educate you how to get your credit report and to review it. They will explain how to start your dispute. We have dispute support that you can email through the app. The application comes with 14 letters that you can email to yourself and fill in your name and then print the letter off and mail it certified to the bureaus to start your dispute. There are instructions within the app including an E-BOOK with powerful information about credit bureaus and disputing your credit. We have a built in calender to help stay up to date with your disputes and notify you of seminars as well. We also have secured credit cards that you can get to build your credit with positive trade lines all from the touch of a button. You will be able to go to our store were we have 75 different letters you can choose from for your personal disputes. So what are you waiting for? Let's fix your credit and enjoy life. Have a blessed Day. CASHIN CREDIT REPAIR- DO IT YOURSELF WEBSITESWWW. CASHIN. TVWWW. HOWMONEYWORKS. TVWWW. REPAIRYOUR. CREDITWWW. HOWMONEY. WORKSBe sure to write us a review. If you have anything you would like to see on the app please let us know. Please share with your friends and family. Like us on Facebook and Twitter. Cashin Credit Repair- Do it yourself does not send your letters to the bureaus. You must print and mail them certified yourself. 2014 Cashin Credit Repair, Inc.
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