HolyTransaction Trade is an interconnection system between traditional banking platforms and cryptocurrencies. You can exchange money between Bitcoin and other currencies using different payment methods as HalCash, SEPA and Virtual VISA Credit Card. Bitcoin to Virtual Credit Card: : Creates a virtual VISA card from your bitcoins and use it to pay in online commerces. Bitcoin to SEPA: : Send money directly into your bank account in Europe using your bitcoins. Bitcoin to HalCash: : Service available in Spain and Poland to cash-out your bitcoins from 10. 000 ATM machines. Teleingreso to Bitcoin: : Service available in Spain to buy Bitcoin in more than 3.000 ATM machines, 2000 post offices and 300 outlets. EasyPay to Bitcoin: : Change your Euro to Bitcoin from 500 ATM machines in Greece. Paynet to Bitcoin: : Buy Bitcoin with Pesos directly in store that accept Paynet in Mexico.
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