Do you struggle with keeping track of your finances? Do you have your financial records disorganized and at different places? Do you want to get a better overview and improve economy in your household? It's not easy to keep track of your expenses and economy today, especially when paying with credit card. This app will help you to keep track of your financial transaction and improve economy in your household. Get a detailed overview over your income and expenses, they are organized in categories and category types are marked with a unique color. You will quickly be able to find out how much you have spent by following the income or expenses in a tree structure. It's easy to switch between different date ranges to get the transactions for the particular time period like This Month, Last Month or This Year. We have been taking much care of making this app self explanatory and easy to understand, to make it simple for you to use and handle. All your data is saved to your phone's storage, so no one but you have access to it. But it's easy to do a backup and then send it to, for example, Google Drive or Dropbox. Don't hesitate to test this app now, it's Free and without ads.
Operating System Android