Greenlight is the next-generation way to handle giving money or allowances to your children, with patent-pending controls that allow parents to specify the exact stores where a child can spend. It's safer, easier, and more flexible than using cash. Plus it makes a perfect teaching tool about money, since every transaction is recorded. Greenlight combines an app for parents and their children with a Greenlight MasterCard debit card for each child. Greenlight is NOT a credit card. the only funds a child can spend are those the parent loads on the card. FOR PARENTS- Limit a child's spending to just a few trusted stores. Or let them spend anywhere. Set and pay allowances automatically. No more hunting for loose change. Send money to your kids instantly, from anywhere. Get instant alerts on where & when a child spends, or tries to spend. Review a child's spending by month or store. Turn a child's card off if lost. FOR KIDS- Learn to stick to a budget, and check balances before spending. Request extra money from parents, and even include a picture of what the money is for. Turn the card off if lost. Analyze spending with powerful reporting.
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