Lil'Drops is your personal financial booster that help you to spend less on food anytime you buy. It is a free, simple and easy to use app that enables you to save your money for food at your favorite eating places. Your savings are recorded in app which you use to pay for meals at that place, no credit card required. You invest your savings to earn interest as you buy food. How Savings And Payment WorksSaving money for food: 1. Tap 'Find place' at the homepage to find your favorite eating place and tap the 'Status' button to save your money for food directly into that place's own online payment account. Amount paid is recorded into your account on the place's page. Add that place to favorite after successful payment so you can find it when you tap 'Pay for meals' at the homepage. Paying for meals: 2. Tap 'Pay for meals' at the home page to easily find your savings place and pay for your meal by just tapping on the required amount to make payment. How Investment And Interests WorksInvestment: You invest at your favorite eating place by saving your weekly money for food at that place and using your savings to pay for your meals at the place at anytime. There's also investment you set to spend 90% of your savings withing 7 days to earn great interests. Add your investments and reminders to favorites to easily access at homepage when you tap 'Investment' and 'Reminder' respectively. Interests: Interests earned by buying food- Interest is then calculated on the amount spent on food at the eating place where you saved your food money and it's added to your account at the end of the week. Interests earned by spending 90% of your food money within 7 days at where you saved it- Interests is calculated by the amount left in your account after 7 days. The smaller the amount the bigger your interest earned at the end of the week. What else does Lil'Drops do for you: Track how much you spend on food every week. Be an investor at your favorite eating place. Track your investments and how much you've earn.
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