We are exited to bring to you a mobile app that makes it easier and more convenient to capture your job data. The Railroad Time Book was designed to bring Engineers and Conductors who capture their job information manually into the 21st century. With our app you capture your job information, save it and view it later. All your data is securely stored and only accessible by you. If you lose your device or get a new one, just download the app and login with your user credentials and all your data will be there. In addition we have new features coming soon. Like the ability to email your database to your accountant for tax purposes. VERSION 1.0 (AVAILABLE NOW). Save Job Number (20Q). Save Engine Numbers (6890, 9850). Save Start Date. Save Start Time. Save End Time. Save On Duty Location. Save Off Duty Location. Save Pay. VIEW PAST JOB INFORMATIONVERSION 1.1 (March 2017). Filter job history by date (Show all jobs and according information for January). Filter job history by location (Show all jobs by location). Delete past jobs. Update past jobsVERSION 1.2 (APRIL 2017). Export database in CSV file (Excel) and email it (SEND TO ACCOUNTANT) or whomever you like.
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