WATTCHIT helps people like you who are concerned with how much their home electricity costs. What if you knew how much Joey's room is costing or how much the office room costs and could see how simple changes can lower your monthly bill? We provide you with the tools to answer these questions: How much does it cost to operate a specific appliance? - What does a particular room cost each month, each day? - What's the cost to operate my cottage versus home? - Including all taxes what's my actual cost per kilowatt hour? - How can I save? It can't be easier than we've designed. Choose what type of rooms you have in your house such as kitchen, bathroom, living room etc, then our program does the rest. You are presented with a sample home with typical appliances in each room which you can then modify to suit your needs. Choose from over 30, 000 appliances to be as precise as you want to be or just choose from the generic appliances - the choice is yours. Tired of just paying your electricity bill and feeling as if you can't do anything about it? We give you information about the cost of operating each appliance in every room in your house - being informed means you can choose to control those escalating electricity costs. We have the largest appliance database in the world with over 30, 000 appliances to choose from. We offer the largest single tips database anywhere, each tip informs you of how much it would cost to implement savings, this way you get to decide. Our easy to use interface means you are up and running in less than 2 minutes. The low cost to buy this program is recovered in savings by you in less than one month. Time of use has been added, that means you can record your TOU from your electricity bill and then start to reduce the usage for the times you spend the most - WattchIT helps get you there. All of us can help WATTCH our costs, one appliance, one room or one house at a time. Try WattchIT today.
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