Dollar Limit - Spending Helper

The simplest way to keep a lid on your spending. Set one daily spending limit, and track all of your spending against it. No frills, no hassles, just one number to look at. Controlling your money was never easier. Most budget tracking apps require a lot of setup, are a hassle to use, or require trusting the app with your banking information. Dollar Limit cuts out all the complication - you set one limit, and track your spending against it. Simply set your daily dollar limit, add an amount each time you spend money, and the Dollar Limit will go down to show how much you have left in your daily budget at a single glance. With this simple process your finances will never get out of control because you can quickly see if any purchase will put you over the limit. Special features include a quick add tax button, a quick glance homescreen widget, and the ability to view your remaining limit on an Android Wear smartwatch. Do you often forget to input your spending amounts? Stop worrying because Dollar Limit now has daily notifications to make sure you input every day. You can choose a time in the settings, or you can disable it if you would rather not be bothered. If you want you can also track your spending against categories of your choosing. Whether or not you have a budget, Dollar Limit will help you spend within your means. Quite simply, it is the simple and free way to set a daily spending limit and save money.
Operating System Android