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Fintapp aims to be the best stock market investment app while serving as a stock market guide for beginners & a simple self directed investing app for informed investors. We believe share trading, especially intraday & leveraged trading do more harm than benefits hence it's highly advisable to learn share market basics first before searching for mobile trading apps or wondering how to open a demat account online. Explore your personalized equity investment advisor - Fintapp - India's new stock market investment app on Android. Are you thinking: How to make money in stocks? How to invest in shares prudently? How to beat inflation while safeguarding capital? How to save tax on capital gains? Say hello to your online investing app--Fintapp, an intelligent portfolio investment manager on your Smartphone 24/7. The evolution of Fintech enabled us to make equity advisory reliable, predictable & rewarding. As a Robo advisor Fintapp provides expert advice on stock market investing & research through proprietary algorithms. Our mission is to eradicate discrimination against investors through smart equity investing advice online. Fintapp helps you beat inflation by tapping into the power of compounding from equities. It's a direct mobile app for equity investing. It also acts as an online investment planner & helps you achieve your financial goals by suggesting best long term shares through personalised Robo advisory. As an online investment advisor Fintapp aims to be India's #1 finance app by providing personal finance planning for direct equity investors. Think of Fintapp as an automated risk diversification app. What to expect from our stocks app Fintapp replaces biased predatory advice with fair advice via financial technology. Fintapp lets you own a diversified portfolio of best companies & sectors regardless of budget. Fintapp solves company screening & selection puzzle by ranking companies, sector wise & market cap wise. Fintapp reduces portfolio volatility by spreading risk via automated portfolio diversification. Fintapp turns complex research into simple emoticons using top stock research tools by rating financial parameters of NSE listed companies, thus helping you identify best stocks to buy online. Fintapp Beginner: For a first time investor, Fintapp does it all effortlessly. Just answer a few questions; Fintapp delivers a well-diversified portfolio, regardless of budget based on individual risk profile. It optimises risk, enhances returns, saves costs & most importantly, lets users invest in best shares effortlessly. Beginners can also try Fintapp as a stock simulator with virtual finances before making actual investments. Fintapp DIY Pro: If you are a self directed investor Fintapp puts you in the shoes of a professional fund manager allowing you to cherry pick suitable companies & sectors, allocate funds judiciously, diversify optimally & review periodically. Our user friendly templates take you through disciplined steps of picking value stocks without compromising on diversification. This lets you grab NSE multibaggers while having the satisfaction of investing on your own. If you get stuck, worry not. Our recommendations & alerts will guide you through every stage. Fintapp stock watch: Aiming to be India's Investopedia, we provide live market watch, value research & fundamental analysis on 1000 companies' listed on NSE, India's preferred stock market exchange. Now you can control money markets on mobile through Fintapp by tracking companies beyond prominent indices like Nifty 50, Nifty midcap, Nifty small cap Nifty 500 etc. Fintapp acts like an NSE stock manager with an interactive radial menu covering parameters like NSE live share prices, 52 week high low, P/E Ratio, EBITDA, dividend yield & many more financial ratios helping users to identify undervalued stocks. Your wait is over. Get India's best finance app for share markets & grow your money along with the best blue-chip companies of India. Download now.
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