Is money important to you? Do you ever need to manage your money/savings/spending? Do you ever need to create/store/manage/improve your budgets? Do you want a tool that supports good choices in terms of priority-spending, investments and savings? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this is the App for you. It will change your life, in an amazing way. Just some of the things this App allows you to do: Allocate your income using over 100 different budget items. Filter shown budget items/categories or hide unused items, to only view items that apply to your budget. Set your planned savings percentage in order to easily manage your spending/savings. View a colour-coded rating for your budget. View a summary of your budget by category in order to easily analyse how your money is spent. Use the intelligent "Fix Budget" feature, to resolve budget problems by automatically reducing pending on non-essintial items. Save budgets to file. Load budget files from the app and from your File explorer. Sort budget allocation items by name/category/amount (in descending/ascending order).
Operating System Android