Star Loan Calculator is a Comprehensive Financial Utility. Loan Calculator provides the best way to calculate EMI and other important details related to a loan. Attractive and Detailed Amortization Table. All the payments details can be tracked separately from the Amortization Table. Loan details can also be exported to CSV format. A must have Personal utility. Available in English, Francais, Espanol, Italiano, Deutsch & Portugues. Loan Calculator: Following values are calculated using the Loan Calculator: Scheduled Payment (EMI). Schedule Number of Payment. Actual Number of Payment. Total Early Payment. Total InterestFollowing values are provided in the Amortization Table: Payment Number. Payment Date. Beginning Balance. Total Payment. Principal. Interest. Ending Balance. Cumulative InterestTracking Payments: Individual payments can be tracked in a simple way. Complete loan details can be tracked for the payment. Export option: Loan details can be completely exported to CSV format using this option. Key Features: Professionally and Newly designed user-interface that speeds up Data Entry, Easy Viewing and Calculation Speed. Pleasant Presentation of Amortization Table. Values in Amortization Table are provided with respect to Payment Number and Payment Date. Accurate Calculation of values. Easy option to track a particular payment detail. Loan details can be completely exported to CSV format. A LifeTime Buddy.
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