Payroll Generator is a Powerful App that generates Pay Slips within no time. This App features fast and accurate payslips that helps in avoiding mistakes & confusions. Just to make it accurate we considered all the slab systems of the different Countries according to the rates fixed by their respective governments. The generated pdf will contain all the details in a systematic and clear manner. Brief Description: Apart from three mandatory fields, we have "Add more Options"- Just click on that and you can add how many fields you want to add. Two fields are provided 1. Taxable & 2. Non-taxable fields. Click on those and add respectable fields and give the corresponding Percentages for those fields. Click on Generate Pdf and Email will be sent to corresponding Email Id. Click on Upload Logo and you can add your company logo. Key Features: Emails the payslips to the Employee's in PDF format. This App works for 6 Major Countries: India. USA (States with Sales Tax as 7% & Federal Insurance Contributions Act as 15. 3%). United Kingdom. Canada (Alberta). South Africa. AustraliaYour Feedbacks are much appreciated. Please give us your valuable comments & Suggestions. Powered By: BSP Software.
Operating System Android