Moddy. Expenses and revenues

Moddy is lightweight, simple and user-friendly application for conducting financial accounting, control of personal or family budgets, tracking expenses and income. The application has all the necessary means and tools for effective and comfortable doing the budget, including: Simple, intuitive and responsive interface. Most of the visual elements on the display are interactive and are designed for transitions to the different operations;- Quickly add new expense or income operations. The app remembers your previous action, substitutes default the most commonly used categories, currencies;- Planning of the budget for the coming months or years. Keep your budget under complete control, pre-setting the scope of costs, which you want to stick. A comparison of the reality and the plans will always be in front of your eyes in a "progress bar" on the main screen and in the process of adding new operations;- Category management income and expenses. All of your money transactions will be well structured for easy analysis;- The application is focused on keeping not only a personal budget, but the total family budget. You can add people involved in the filling of the budget, as well as persons using the available finances. Thus, you will have a complete picture of the budget, both in structured categories, and for the people;- The possibility of multi-currency account. You should choose a base currency for reporting, add the same operation can be in any existing currency. The application supports online currency converter, as well as manually adding;- Built-in calculator allows you to conveniently add several similar operations, without having to remember and not adding the amount in the mind;- Submission of reports in a flexible format. You can quickly view reports by using predefined templates for a day, month, year, or to choose the required period;- Infographics (pie chart) for statistics allows you to have a visual representation of financial flows;- Export transactions to a file with the extension CSV, meaning any "tabular" reading room;- Backup database being stored in the cloud;- Separate widgets for expenditure and revenue, showing statistics for the current day and month, as well as to quickly move on to add a new operation or view detailed statistics;- The lack of advertising and paid content. Active work is underway on the application. In the near future to add: Cyclic operation with automatic notifications and adding;- Can protect your data with a PIN. The following resolution requires the application of: Android. permission. INTERNET - online currency conversion and sending error reports;- Android. permission. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - recording backup statistics and CSV files;- Android. permission. READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - backups reading.
Operating System Android