TipSee Pro has all the great features of TipSee Free - Mobile Tip Tracker, with the added capabilities of: Calculates Tips plus Wages- Allows multiple Wages to be assigned to a single job. Tracks two separate jobs simultaneously, or two separate shifts- TipOuts- Shows many stats for each job (or Shift) or for both jobs (or Shift) combined- Tip_Report/Advance_Search and Stats (can email report) - Track tips from Credit Cards, or Tips from other dept. Track Tips by Individual Client- Tracks your Gross and Net pay- Set individual Notification Reminder times- Select any day as start of work-week separately for each Job. Tracking Sales Revenue- Select the page where TipSee first opens- Install Widget to see current tip totals and open the App- Enter Zero Amount, Zero Hours to display day-off on Calendar- Can set daily Tip/Hr goal limits- Support for International Symbols- Feature enhancement for Tip-Outs (supports Tip-Outs as a percentage of total Tips) Learn how to use features at: http://tipsee. phpTip_Report/Advance_SearchWith Advance search, you can see at a glance all your important Stats for the current month, last month, current year, last year, last 7 days, or between any two dates you select. Search results not only shows your tips, but will calculate your max, min or average tips over the period you selected and more. Tip totals and wage totals can be viewed separated or combined together. TipSeePro even has the ability to list past, current and future jobs, along with your wages, all color coded on your calendar, for easy visual display along with your tip totals. Optional Items To TrackAllows you to enter tips from credit cards, other departments, or other employees. These amounts are tracked separately, but also totaled together. This information is entered on the "Edit" page for any date. When information is entered for these optional items, a marker is placed on the calendar, reminding you that you can check the Edit page to review the details. This feature can be use for other purposes, eg to keep track of overtime pay or to keep track of two shifts for one or both of your Jobs. This feature can be activated on the Options/Optional Items To Track page. Tip Tracking by ClientWith this feature you are able to select from the Options section, whether you want to track your tips as normal, or to record each tip you get associated with each client. Although you must select one mode or the other, you can easily switch between modes. Tips plus WagesYou can choose to view only tips, or tips plus wages on the calendar page. Go to Options and select "Wage and Job Setup". Select the "+" in the upper right corner of the page to add a new Job. You can enter the Hourly wage and a default for the no. of hours worked. If zero is entered for Hourly wages, only tips will be displayed on the Calendar page. WidgetWe have created a Widget for TipSee. The widget will display your tips for the current week, month and year. You can tap on the TipSee icon to open and enter new tips. Upload your favorite photo from time to time as a background image to customize the app to your liking. If you have two tip producing jobs, upload a personal image for each job. If you like TipSee PRO, than the best way to thank us, is to recommend it to a friend. IF YOU HAVE ANY COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS, PLEASE CONTACT US USING "HELP CENTER/GIVE FEEDBACK" ON THE PULL DOWN MENU. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE US A RATING LESS THEN 5 STARS WITHOUT FIRST CONTACTING US USING THE FEEDBACK FORM IN THE APP. You can try TipSee for free at: https://play. id=com. wcd. tipseeWe highly recommend if you purchase the pro version, do it at a time when you can try it out immediately, since google has the following policy: "After purchasing an app on Google Play, you can return it within 2 hours for a full refund." ALL REFUNDS ARE THROUGH GOOGLE.
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