This app has a simple purpose: It saves you money by helping you detect unauthorized purchases on your credit or debit cards. It was born out of my own personal experience that some restaurants or businesses charge my credit card more than what I tipped or otherwise authorized them for. These discrepancies have happened way more often to be able to blame them on honest mistakes. By organizing and keeping track of my expenses without the hassle of paper receipts, this app literally helps me save time and $$$ each month. It's very easy and intuitive to work with it and it has the ability to add multiple accounts. You can email your transactions list, export accounts to your SD card and also take a picture of your receipts. An advanced tip calculator is included too. This tip calculator can be used to calculate the individual tips and payment shares in a large group. This app (Expense Master Pro) does not collect or transmit any personally identifiable information. Transactions data is stored only on the local device for the purposes of book-keeping and is not used in any other way. Super easy to use. Ability to add, delete, update and view transactions (purchases or refunds). Ability to search transactions based on date or description, amount or transaction category. Ability to mark/unmark transactions as verified. Ability to add multiple accounts. Ability to send statement reports via email. Ability to export accounts to SD card as CSV files. Ability to take picture of the receipts. Password protected. Automatically gives you the number of transactions and the total amount. An advanced tip calculator is included to calculate the individual payment shares in a large group. Expense Master has been featured on Appliv:
Operating System Android