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Europecoin is one of the newest modern & usercentric crypto currencies, with an easy one-click solo-mining feature. Its maintained by well known crypto-developers, marketing experts and blockchain professionals, with a long record as active core hero-members on Bitcointalk. Europecoin is semi-rare and has 9 million coins in circulationand a max supply of 32 million ERC in 15 yearsMining Guidehttp://www.europecoin. eu. org/component/content/article/123-europecoin-knowledge-base/801-europecoin-mining-guidePlatform Guide: http://www.europecoin. eu. org/europecoin-cryptocurrency-community-helpPDF Quickguide Term Deposithttp://www.europecoin. eu. org/europcoin-info-resources-2/press-info? download=41: quickguide-term-deposits-erc-v3Technical (Europecoin in general) Europecoin is build on 1. 13 Bitcoin core. We ported the HODL concept and added ''Bitbreak'' Blockchain Shield (own development), that moves the chain, in case the hashrate would drop under a certain value (simplified: it's a micromining cloud in every wallet) It is controlled by an also self developed DUAL-KGW-3 (kimoto gravity well) retargeting mechanism. Dual-KGW-3 is developed, to maintain a realtime, aggressive diff retargeting, by using a second, hard-coded KGW3 thread, to check against and to leverage diff retargeting, in case you hit a block earlier than target-block-time (5 min / 10 MB/per block) This innovation provides more speed, smoother transactions and it can deal with many pools while sustaining the solo-mining feature at the same time Our Wallets code is cleaned up, optimized and fine-tuned, by performance guru Chris, the BITSEND DEV. You will feel the difference. Our wallet is not a clone, but its a port of HODL's Ram mining concept plus countless enhancements from our Lab. Hints: Europecoin has been a former dead scam coin, that got rebooted and taken over 1 1/2 years ago and is maintained by three well known crypto, blockchain and marketing professionals. Mission Statementhttp://www.europecoin. eu. org/europecoin-cryptocurrency-community-4Mining Guidehttp://www.europecoin. eu. org/component/content/article/123-europecoin-knowledge-base/801-europecoin-mining-guidePDF Quickguide Term Deposithttp://www.europecoin. eu. org/europcoin-info-resources-2/press-info? download=41: quickguide-term-deposits-erc-v3PDF Europecoin Specshttp://www.europecoin. eu. org/europcoin-info-resources-2/press-info? download=40: specifications-europecoin-3Press, Professionals, those who want to know it allWebsite: http://www.europecoin. eu. orgBlockexplorer: https://chainz. cryptoid. info/erc/ROADMAPhttp://www.europecoin. eu. org/europcoin-info-resources-2/press-info? download=28: whitepaper-orga-and-tech-01-2016Papers and press-kits: http://www.europecoin. eu. org/europcoin-info-resources-2/press-infoMission Statementhttp://www.europecoin. eu. org/europecoin-cryptocurrency-community-4Twitter org/index. php? topic=901605. 0The here provided mobile wallet builds upon the Europecoin Desktop technology and provides an easy interface, to use, understand and enjoy the innovation behind Bitcoin and Europecoin. have funMatthias.
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