A simple money counter app to help you count big numbers of coins and banknotes or calculating the value automatically by their weight. This calculator can either help you counting the cash by hand or it will automatically calculate how many coins you have, if you just put them on a scale and enter the weight. When counting manually the number of the coins and bills can either be entered directly or adjusted with the different buttons. You can simply count to 10 and tap the +10 button for example. The result will be updated immediately. If you want the app do the counting for you, just sort the different types of coins and put them on a scale. The app will tell you exactly how many coins you have what what they are worth based on the weight. Using the reset button you can instantly set everything back to 0 without having to delete the values yourself. The counted value can also be converted into other currencies. This may be helpful if you are unfamiliar with foreign currencies. The latest exchange rates can be updated from the Internet. Supported currencies: Euro-Dollar-Pound sterling-Swiss franc-Yen-Korean won-Australian dollarMore currencies will be added in future updates. Ads can be disabled for free in the settings.
Operating System Android