Aurae Card Services

Aurae (pronounced Aura) began with a simple vision: Enable the world's most successful people to have an artful, personalized expression of the wealth, success and status they've earned. Aurae members are among the world's elite and our lifestyle memberships enable our clients to experience their wealth in new and exciting ways through our experiential benefits. Throughout the history of mankind, gold has been the ultimate symbol of status, wealth and success. With an Aurae membership, individuals have the opportunity to cement their status as one of the world's elite. Our members have access to the world's most exclusive and sought after events, elite concierge and butler services and a dedicated team of global experts that cover 115 countries. All members receive an Aurae 14k Solid Gold (43g-60g) Lifestyle Prefunded MasterCard with the option to customize their card to commemorate the status they have earned.
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