WalletBuddies helps you meet more often. You can form groups with your buddies to pool in money periodically for things you do together. You can use the app to host NFL games every week, go for Trivia night every month or maybe do a Happy Hour with the gang. 1. Pick something your group wants to do on a regular basis: Happy Hour, Trivia Night, NFL Sundays, Sunday Brunches, Movies, etc. 2. Pick how often you want to do this: Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly. 3. Pick how much you want to spend on this per person: $10, $20, $30 etc. any number you want. 4. After your group is formed WalletBuddies will debit from all of your accounts every Week/Bi-week/Month based on the amount and frequency you have chosen. 5. WalletBuddies will then pool this amount and push the funds to one person in the group. 6. Use this pooled amount to fund your group activity. 7. This cycle will continue until everyone in the group has been credited the pooled amount.
Operating System Android