EZ-Calcs has now developed an easier and intuitive Mortgage Payment calculator keeping in mind all users specially home buyers, bankers, mortgage brokers, loan officers and Realtors. Enter your purchase price, down payment and other information and the calculator automatically calculates everything for you. Features: 1. Enter only 3 numbers - number of people, total bill, and the percentage that you want to tip. 2. It shows everyone's share. 3. It also calculates how much total should be after you collect from everyone4. You can round up or down the total tip. Select the amount with a check mark in the check box. 5. You have 4 options: Save, Email, Message and Retrieve6. Share the final numbers by saving, emailing, or sending it via a message. 7. You can also retrieve from the list of saved results of variation so you don't have to recalculate. Delete them with a left swipe. 8. It is free without ads. 9. You can also restore purchase if you were to reinstall it later. Check out our other apps from EZ-Calcs.com.
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