Poker log is a poker logging application to keep track of your cash game / tournament / casino games. Features: Autocomplete Location, Game, Buyin entry: The app will remember past entries to help you fill in your info Record notes with each sessionAt the bottom of each session you can enter notes for that session. Record interesting hands, remember your tournament chips at the end of each night, record how you placed Filter by categoryCash Games / Tournament / Casino Games / Other [menu-Filter Sessions] Graph your resultsGraph your sessions. See how your bankroll has grown. Press Menu -> Graph. The filters you set above apply to the graph. Press Menu -> Filter to change. Import / Export to CSV (open in Statking / Excel / Openoffice) [menu-options-export to CSV]Import pre-existing data and session notes. Click here for instructions Stats Page: See which games / locations / days / months / years are the most profitable. Check your hourly rate, standard deviation, maximum win/loss Trip Odometer / Subtotal: Long click on a session to set it at as the start of your trip. Includes separate total / hourly profit for all sessions since that pointCan also set this to display the monthly subtotal (Menu -> Options -> Subtotal) Auto / Manual Time Entry: Click Start / End timer to log your session time -- or click on the timer text (00: 00) to manually set the time. Select display preference for negative numbers as -$100 or ($100) [menu - options].
Operating System Android