Tracking of your expenditure have became too much of a tedious task, even with apps there are a lot of configurations that you have to do before you start managing your spendings. That is the USP of Expense Tracker, it really simplifies your expense tracking process. Now forget the complexities and hassle that you face with other Expense Manager Apps. This app has the most simplified interface that allows you to track your expenses with just a click. Checkout the demo of all its feature here - v=PcFY3srahqM&list=PLkynbeOchJK-Njr7wEgTYVRcSjoSAa9KSFeatures: Tracking Expense and Income by category. Consolidate calendar view of all Expense and Income. Detailed view of the day's expense and income at just one click (Just click on a particular day of the calendar to view that day's details). Balance sheet of the whole month classified on the basis of expense and income categories. Easy to add, edit and delete your expense and income. (Say no to selecting date from the date picker, choose your date with just a click on the date in the calendar). Visualise your expenses on Bar Chart. Data backup in Dropbox / Phone Memory. Help Manual for each page. Password Protection. Set Daily / Weekly / Custom Budget. Daily / Weekly / Monthly Reports. Like us on Facebook - can mail us your problem or feedback atindoapps. tech@gmail.comCredit: Icons made by Freepik from is licensed by CC BY 3. 0.
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