Your Indispensable PAMM ToolWe are now bringing to you a dedicated solution for PAMM Managers and investors. HotForex PAMM App enables you to monitor the status of your investments in real time, transfer funds accordingly and manage your portfolio effectively. App Overview. View Manager and investor accounts. Make deposits or withdrawals. Review performance. Have a look at fees and penalties. View financial transactions for each account Main HotForex PAMM App FeaturesManage your investment. Add and remove funds at any time. Monitor PAMM performance rankingsPAMM Managers have access to: Investors' list. Pending withdrawals and deposits. Open and closed positions Investors are able to: Track a Manager's results. Invest under a Fund Manager. Review history of transactionsLanguages. EnglishProviding effective portfolio management for all your investment needs, this app is a valuable and handy tool to help you keep track of your PAMM assets and trading activity. Download it now.
Operating System Android