Genie Gateway, a publically owned company (U. S. OTC trading symbol: GGWY), (www.GGWY. Info), is a direct processor and a provider of alternative payment services; we are seeking relationships in which we can provide ecommerce and other business services to the next generation of both high risk and low risk entrepreneurs, starting at Discount Fee as low as 1. 95%, for some merchants. Genie Gateway holds the Key to Unlocking a Wide-Open Opportunity by using its patented technology to create an environment where un-banked and underserved customers, can communicate and send and receive payments, globally, in real-time, through Telecommunications, eCommerce, Cable TV, and High Speed Internet, traditionally purchased from several vendors - into one seamless service. Genie Gateway is an interactive multimedia communications hub, featuring a digital buffet of unified solutions; combining the benefits of having a website fully accessible from any internet enabled device, with voice, text, video, document messaging, virtual fax, group communications, including an online store, a shopping cart with a virtual point of sale, and a CashBox integrated with a GenieCard and GenieChecking accounts, plus the most robust Virtual Office, as one unified solution. Buyers NO longer need to provide their credit card, or bank account information, to make a payment. Repeat customers ONLY need their cell number, and "Click to OK" their purchase on their cell phone.
Operating System Android