Invoice Control is an application that lets you create invoices in PDF format and send them to your customers by mail directly from your Android device. The application is multiuser. Provides customer management, products and inventory control. The application allows you to generate quotes in pdf format that you can later convert to invoice. Offers the possibility of generating partial invoices regarding a total bill. You can choose the color of the header of the invoice, and include your logo. You can record the amount of an invoice in Expenses Control app (of Gagosoto Factory), directly. Allows you to import to the application, the data of your customers and product data through a spreadsheet, to make it easy to start using. You can export the data of the invoices in spreadsheet format. You can do data backups. You can send invoices through whatsapp or Line. You can save your invoices in your dropbox account. You can scan the barcode of your products. You can mark an invoice as sent or paid.
Operating System Android