EZ Envelopes makes it easy to track your monthly budget. You may use the application to create as many envelopes as you need, setting an allowance amount for each envelope per month. After envelopes have been created expenses can be added/edited/removed to track how much of each envelopes allowance remains at any given time. This does not require connection to any of your accounts or input of sensitive account information. It is designed to be a simple tool to assist you in managing your own expenses without attempting to do it for you. From the overall view you can get a quick glimpse of how much of your overall budget remains for the current month. Swiping left allows you to view/add envelopes/expenses and swiping right exposes the navigation drawer including options to do the same. A listing of each envelopes allowance and amount spent for the current month is displayed on Envelopes view and pressing any of the envelopes will allow you to view/edit the Envelopes details along with a list of expenses for the current month. Any expenses that are added are saved for up to 3 months by default. The time frame these expenses are kept for can be changed within the settings menu as can the color settings for the application. When viewing/editing an Envelopes details, all expenses for the current month will be displayed. When viewing all Expenses, all expenses currently saved are displayed. In either case the list view can be sorted by the listed columns or can be edited or deleted in bulk if required.
Operating System Android