It's very easy to manage daily expenses with Easy Budget Pro. Add and manage quickly and easily your daily expenses- Choose a category, a label, a mode of payment and a date for each transaction- Customize your list of categories and modes of payment- Plan your spending or your future contributions- Add the widget to the screen of your phone to keep an eye on your daily expenses- Add your recurring transactions (transfers, salary, invoice. ) which will be scheduled each month on the same date- Customize your list of categories and methods of payment- Stay informed about the state of your balance through alerts and notifications automatically by the application (actions planned, state of balance. ) - Report automatically your previous month's balance- Keep a lookout on your current balance- Search easily by keywords the transactions you need- Consult your transaction's history in detail by month, also you can delete or change any of your entries- Consult your monthly balance (from the first to the end of the month) and the totality of your transactions- Use the "Statistics" which will generate the monthly chart for all of your expenses, grouped by category- Export your history in CSV format- Import and export your data easily on the SD card- Secure your information with a passwordTip: For the users of the free version, make sure that you have previously exported your data on the SD card before switching to Pro version. A clear and an aesthetic interface. A convenient menu, easy to use and intuitive. No Internet connection or registration needed to use this application- We are listening to all your interesting comments that could evolve the application and take into account your suggestions to make improvements. If, however despite of our care, you have any problems or bugs, please contact us at the following e-mail address: nader.
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