Credit Designer calculator

Using this application it is much easier to design a credit repayment dynamic. Here is support for different repay dynamics: monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly, with monthly or yearly interest rate periodic as well as grace is supported. With equal installment type credit or equal repayment of principle, we have covered most of wanted options. For example, if you have a credit amount, interest rate and period it is easy to calculate annuity just by pressing magnifications near it. In a similar way - by pressing magnifications you can calculate credit period or credit amount if you have other parameters. For example. How much can I borrow with a rate and installment, for a given period of time, or, how long will I repay credit given installment etc Payment plan can be generated too, and viewed in a Word format. Finaly, when you have a wanted commbination it is easie to share it via SMS, Email, Viber, Skype. right from application.
Operating System Android