Easy to use personal finance manager: rich functionality and Open Source. Keep track of your expenses and incomes. Manage them directly on your smartphone. Export them into a Desktop finance program like Grisbi, GnuCash, Quicken or MS Money. Up to five accounts with transfers- Define templates and plans for future and recurrent transactions- Group transactions per day, week, month, year and display sums per group- Two levels of categories (import from Grisbi XML and QIF) - Calculator- Export to QIF and CSV (MS Excel), can be automatically shared (via email, FTP, Dropbox, ) - Import from QIF and CSV- Password protection- Integrated Help- Data backup and restore- Two themes: light and darkPlease contribute by purchasing My Expenses Contrib Key. You gain unrestricted access to the following premium features: No ads- Create an unlimited number of accounts (the free version is limited to five accounts);- Create an unlimited number of plans (the free version is limited to three plans);- Visualize the statistical distribution of transactions per category over different periods (years, months, weeks, days);- Split up transactions to multiple categories and transfer accounts;- Instantiate templates directly from a home screen widget;- Print the transaction list to a PDF file;- Define a security question for recovering a lost password;- Attach images to transactionAdditionally, the following features are unlocked if you purchase the Extended Key: CSV import- Auto-backupMy Expenses requires the following permissions: Reading and writing the calendar: Plans for future and recurrent transactions are stored either in a special local calendar or in any other calendar you assign. Writing USB storage: Storage of QIF and CSV exports and backup files- Network communication: Crash reports are automatically sent to developers unless deactivated by user in app preferences.
Operating System Android