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Our office is located in Downtown Brooklyn near public transportation, easilyaccessible from anywhere in New York City.In addition to English, we also speak Spanish, Hindi, Bengali, and Urdu.We are open evenings and Saturdays. We handle accidents, bankruptcy,family law, immigration, real estate, and wills & estate matters in New YorkCity.We handle uncontested divorces throughout New York State. In addition, wehandle bankruptcy and immigration matters throughout New York and NewJersey.We provide free consultations. Our fees are competitive and we offerpayment plans.Selling your HomeBankruptcy: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 BankruptcyChapter 7 Bankruptcy enables an individual to eliminate many commontypes of debts and get a fresh financial start in life. Those who dont qualifyfor Chapter 7 Bankruptcy may have the option of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.In Chapter 13 Bankuptcry, an individual is able to pay back part or all of his orher debts with an interest-free payment plan with a duration of 3 to 5 years.Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can also be helpful if you are falling behind in yourmortgage payments.Family Law: Uncontested and Contested Divorce, Divorce by Publication,Annulment, Legal Separation, Prenuptial Agreements, PostnuptialAgreements, Family Court Matters, Custody, Visitation, Child Support,Spousal Support, Paternity and Orders of ProtectionIf you are married and you and your spouse are in agreement to divorce andhave discussed all of the decisions to be made, such as custody, visitation,child support, spousal support, and division of assets, you can obtain arelatively inexpensive, quick, uncontested divorce.If you and your spouse dont agree on these issues, we can assist you in acontested divorce. We can also help you with divorce if you don't know thewhereabouts of your spouse.If an annulment is appropriate, we can obtain an annulment to end yourmarriage. If you and your spouse are not ready to end your marriage butwant to live apart, we can assist you with a legal separation.If you need to go to Family Court, please keep in mind that its almost alwaysbest to be represented by an experienced lawyer. If you are need of representation, be it for child support, custody, spousal support, order of protection, or paternity in Family Court, we can help.Immigration: Permanent Residency (Green Card) by Family Sponsorship,Citizenship, Visas and DeportationWe have helped many individuals obtain a Green Card through familysponsorship. Family sponsorship can be established by a U.S. Citizen orGreen Card Holder and can be a spouse, child, brother, sister, or step-child.If the amount of time you have been a Green Card holder satisfies therequirement, we can assist you in obtaining your U.S. Citizenship. We alsorepresent those in regard to visas, deportation or removal proceedings.Real Estate: Buying and Selling a House, Condo, or Co-op; Refinancing, andPerforming Deed ChangesWhen selecting an attorney to help you with the purchase or sale of yourhome, dont look for a bargain lawyer; you will get what you pay for.Also, dont contact a lawyer that was recommended by any other partyinvolved in the transaction, including the real estate agent. You want alawyer who is looking out for your best interests.We also represent clients who wish to refinance their mortgage or makechanges to their deeds.Wills and Estates: Wills, Living Will, Health Care Proxy, Power of Attorney,Probate, and Name ChangesMost people understand why they should have a will; however, many peopledont realize that they need a living will and health care proxy as well.In a living will, you state what actions you want to be taken or not taken inregard to your medical care in the event that you cant speak for yourself.In a health care proxy, you state who you wish to have the authority tospeak on your behalf to doctors.Content rating: Medium Maturity
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