Loan Master is advanced loan calculator, mortgage calculator, car lease calculator.Loan widget displays key data of your loans on home screen of your device.This is a free version of Loan Master, with following restrictions: it is possible to save only one loan in the application sharing of content is not available displaying adsMain features: loan calculator mortgage calculator lease calculator function of adding your loan loan widget annuity calculation interest rate calculation advanced loan repayment extremely fast calculations secured dataLOAN, MORTGAGE, LEASE CALCULATORLoan Master allows you to create any type of loan. Supported features:- advanced payment methods, annuity instalments, extra instalment, regular interest or principal instalments- different payment intervals- additional utilization- change of interest rate during repaymentLoan schedule or summary info are accessible from every screen.It is possible to save your loan and compare with others in loan list.Saved loan can be used as data source for widget or exports.LOAN WIDGETWidget is a mini application that can be placed on your device's home screen. Loan widget displays data for your loan, such as total/remaining principal, interest, charges, number of remaining instalments, time period till maturity and others. You can choose and arrange data for the widget to meet your needs.ANNUITY CALCULATION Calculate the amount of regular payment for given loan amount, interest rate and payment count.INTEREST RATE CALCULATORThis advanced calculator is able to calculate interest rate from utilization and instalments.It can be used with great benefits for verifying offers from a financial institution or another subject.You can easily verify real interest rate which may vary from offered rate due to hidden charges or other unfair practices.SUPPORTING ADVANCED LOAN REPAYMENTWith Custom regular instalment dialog it is possible to configure any possible way of loan repayment. For example simultaneous instalments for paying interest every month and principal once per year.FAST CALCULATIONSPerfectly tuned algorithms make all calculations extremely fast. Annuity and interest rate calculators show results in real time while you are entering the data.SECURITYLoan master does not require any additional rights, not even internet connection. Your data are perfectly safe, no one can access them.Content rating: Everyone
File Size2.7 MB
Operating System Android
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.