Trade Expectancy Calculator Free

Trading Expectancy, the edge for consistent profits and success.Trade expectancy is probably the most important factor in trading/investing success. Expectancy is the average amount you can expect to win (or lose) with each trade. Expectancy is calculated with the following formula:Expectancy = (Probability of Win * Average Win) (Probability of Loss * Average Loss)Four filters with three modes are used to determine the best Buy-Sell signal:1. Auto Auto select Zero Lag MACD, RVI, Fisher or ADX filter2. Filter Off No filter will be selected3. Turbo Filter out unwanted holds and stops (proprietary algorithm)4. Four indicators are used to determine the best gain and stop values. The two indicator modes are:5. Auto (default) The gain and stop limits are automatically determined for each transaction.6. Fixed Gain/Stop The gain and stop limits are manually set. Features:1. Two Buy-Sell Signals, Top and Filter2. Quality of Trade Based on Hold and Stop probabilities3. Back-test to one-year4. Trade Expectancy (dollars and percent)5. Number of completed trades verses transaction6. Displays filter and indicator that best work for this transaction7. Trade Setup Statement Specifies Number of shares, Symbol, Buy, Sell and Stop limit8. Measures Resistance (Dollars and Percent)9. Measures Support (Dollars and Percent)10. Initial Risk of Transaction Determines R-multiple (Dollars and Percent) 11. Weeks-to-Sell Time to sell the security12. Predictability Historical prediction accuracy13.Return on Investment (Annualized ROI)14. Discount/Premium Selector Discount or premium stock purchase15. Historical Buy probability16. Historical Sell probability17. Historical Hold probability18. Historical Stop Loss probability
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