How much are you paying in property taxes?NC Tax Lite is a quick and simple way to calculateand total all of your North Carolina property tax billsand email this tax report to any contact.It has tax rates for North Carolinas one hundredcounties and the over six hundred cities and townsthat levy property taxes.Discover how much less or how much more youwould pay in another county or city. Taxes arelower for those who live outside city limits.Find out how much lower.Simple and straightforward, NC Tax Lite alsoprovides up to date information on how tochallenge a tax assessment, an extensivelist of TAX FAQs that cover every questionyou will have about real estate and car propertytaxes in North Carolina, and a map of counties.North Carolina residents and people relocating to or within North Carolina will find this to be aninvaluable asset.FEATURES - Quick. All of your property taxes will calculated and totaled. - Shows how much you will pay per month. - Email this tax report to any contact. - An interface that is clean and content focused. - TAX FAQs - How to request a reappraisal of your real estate. - North Carolina map of counties. - Comprehensive tutorial.Website: http://www.CompareYourTaxes.comemail:
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