Card Smarts

You just found something you'd really like to buy. Maybe there is an item available at a flash sale at what looks like a very attractive price. Depending on who you are and what you like, maybe it's a new dress, or the latest video game, or a day of whitewater rafting. Or maybe it's some rare vinyl or a vintage lamp that would be perfect in your living room. It all depends what you are into.Now comes the hard part. Your credit cards aren't maxed out, so the sale will go through. But you've got some pretty hefty balances so you know it's going to take a while to pay off anything new you buy. And you're going to have to pay interest on the new purchase too, so the price is going to end up being higher than what is on the tag.But how much more is it? Will a $79 item end up costing you $83.57 when you add interest or $228.56? Depending on your balance and interest rate, it could be either, or something in between, or something even higher.This is where Card Smarts comes in. Enter the the cash price of an item and Card Smarts will estimate the total price you will end up paying, and when you will pay off the purchase. Card Smarts estimates help you make fully informed buying decisions and manage your credit responsibly.How does Card Smarts work? The most important thing it does is that it does not assume you are just trying to pay off your card and making no further purchases. This makes the calculations simpler, but it is unrealistic for many people. Instead, Card Smarts asks you for not only balances and interest rates from your most recent statement, but also realistic estimates of what you typically spend and what you typically pay off each month. This lets it more accurately estimate the actual effects of additional purchases you may be considering.It is important to remember that even though Card Smarts goes to great lengths to deliver accurate estimates, they are still just estimates. If your spending and payment patterns are radically different from those Card Smarts assumes based on the data you enter, then the estimates may not be accurate.
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System Requirements Compatible with iPod Touch (3rd generation or later, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPad. iTunes account required.