Azure Ticker for Windows 8

Azure Ticker for Windows 8 app is the simplest Windows 8 app you can find in the store. The UI consists of a simple settings page and a live tile that displays your current Azure balance. So once you have registered with your Windows Azure credentials, you don't even have the need to have the app running to receive balance updates. The Azure Ticker App submits your Windows Azure administrator credentials along with a channel URL for receiving notifications from the Azure Ticker Cloud Service. The Azure Ticker service is in turn responsible for periodically checking the account balance of the first listed associated subscription and sending out notifications when needed. While the overall design is what you would expect, there is one complication that is worth noting. Currently, Windows Azure does not expose a billing API. So how does our service access the Azure account balance? guessed it right, we web scrape it from the Azure Billing Portal.
Price USD 0
License Free
Operating System Windows, Windows 8
System Requirements None