SavvySim Retirement Finance Simulator

This easy-to-use retirement finance planning software helps users understand the consequences of their retirement finance decisions. SavvySim is much more powerful than free retirement calculators found on the Internet. SavvySim runs on your Windows computer, keeping data private, while taking into account about 10 times as many factors. Yet it is less expensive than competing programs, and contains no advertisements. SavvySim immediately shows how different aspects of your finances respond to changes in assumptions, acting as an educational simulator. SavvySim allows you to quickly see the results of different financial plans and situations and the most important factors affecting your retirement finance outcome. Designed for both financial novice or expert, SavvySim allows entering financial data in a way that is intuitive and easy to navigate. Quickly test different scenarios without having to step through a long set of questions. There are even tutorial videos on YouTube which show how to use the simulator to explore real questions in retirement finance. Key benefits: - Can be used by young people, people nearing retirement, or people who are already retired - Takes into account financial information about your spouse - Your financial data stays securely on your computer and is not uploaded to the Internet - Ability to make rough estimates of federal income taxes based upon today's tax brackets - Exports data in spreadsheet format to make graphs or perform additional analysis - Test lifestyle changes after retirement to understand impact of discretionary spending - You can see how moving to a place that has rent controls or caps on real estate taxes can make a difference to your retirement - Long term care costs can also be explored using the simulator - Helps to understand retirement finance concepts such as required minimum distributions, and how the rate of inflation or yields on your investments impact your long term results. Powell Simulation LLC is a company dedicated to developing ways to help people understand retirement finance through the mathematics of simulation. Initially developed by a young engineering school graduate to help his father deal with the complexities of retirement finance planning. At Powell Simulation LLC, educational retirement finance simulation is all we do. This is not a side line that we do in order to sell you a reverse mortgage or a convoluted annuity that you do not want or need!
Price USD 19.95
License Free to try
File Size 813.99 kB
Version 2013
Operating System Windows
System Requirements None